The comfort of God’s sovereignty

The other day I heard an advertisement on the radio for a group of psychics here in Fort Worth. They promised accurate readings that can’t be found from other psychics in the area or on the phone. I laughed and made fun of it – how in the world could anyone believe that stuff? I haven’t thought about it until today, but without Christ I would see the need to consult a psychic.
Humans have a rabid desire to know the future. If we can know what will occur then we can control it, we cannot be taken by surprise, and in the event we cannot stop the event from occurring we can at least prepare for it. Knowing the future is probably our greatest desire, but also the subject we have the least amount of knowledge on. We are limited to making predictions and educated guesses; we simply cannot know the future with any certainty.
Unfortunately, Christians have taken this limit and have attempted to place it on God. Through Open Theology and Weakness Theology, God is viewed as self-limited or naturally limited. I dare ask the adherents of such a faith, what comfort is there in a limited God? What comfort can He bring when He doesn’t even know the future? Why pray for guidance when His opinion is only slightly better than our own? Why dare to walk through the valley of death if the mountains surrounding the valley do not belong to Him?
There is a great and soothing comfort in the sovereignty of God. To realize that God is not some bubbling idiot is liberating. To realize that He knows the future, guides it, and is ultimately the architect for the future should leave us not only in awe of His glory, but comforted.
What man was at the foundation of the earth? What human helped lay the cornerstone? What being has the power to merely speak something into existence? More importantly, is there anyone or anything that can love the chosen of God anymore than God? None of this brings us comfort unless we believe in an all powerful and all loving God.
Christians have no need to consult psychics who use cheap parlor tricks to impress desperate people. Christians have a Heavenly Father that controls the future. When we walk through the shadow of the valley of death we can take great comfort, knowing that every blade of grass we step on, every molecule around us, every trial we go through, every trouble that face us was either created by God, ordained by God, allowed by God, or acknowledge by Him. We can take an even greater comfort in knowing that He is not leaving us there to wallow in the misery, but is merely preparing to show His greatness in our own lives. Behind every trial is a loving God that is shaping us and bringing us closer to Himself; behind every tribulation is the guiding hand of God, declaring that we might suffer for now, but we are His children in the end.
Is there any greater comfort than this knowledge; God has directed our paths, loves us, and will ultimately work all things to good for those He has called.