Finding God in tough times

I always teach on the sovereignty of God and how this should cause us to trust in Him. This is quite easy to say when things are seemingly going my way, but when things turn around it is a difficult thing to believe. Currently, things have added up. The transmission just went out on my car (which prevents me from doing my job, which requires me having my own transportation), I currently owe a substantial debt to my school (which is preventing registration), and a whole host of other things are currently going on. Financially, things are stacking up while my income is declining (and has come to a complete stop as of tonight).

In the past I would worry and, in fact, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am currently a little worried. At the same time, I take solace in the power of God. Job, when faced with difficulty, cried out and praised God. Daniel, when thrown into the lion’s den, simply praised God. His friends, when faced with death by burning, simply said that God would get honor no matter their situation.

The Bible is full of verses that show that when troubled times come our way, God is still in control (and it is even part of His plan at times). As bad as things seem to us, nothing is outside of God’s reach. He is not taken by surprise, He is not startled by any events in our lives, and He is never at a loss as to what will happen next – He has guided the future and known it before it ever occurred.

Thus, as I sit here trying to figure out what I’m going to do I take comfort knowing that God has a solution and a reason for all of this. Even if His solution is not what I want, it is His perfect Will. Does this mean I am perfect or accept this with no problem? Of course not – I am struggling to figure out why God has allowed this and I am still a bit worried. This is just a natural reaction in the human race.

My problems, admittedly, are tiny compared to most others. However, I think this one truth should ring true no matter how big the problem: God knows the future, planned the future, will bring good to those called according to His purpose, and will use all things to display His glory.