The Husband

One day a man came home to find his wife in bed with another man. The man, understandably upset, demanded that his wife give an explanation for her activities. The woman, after being away from her husband for a week, decided to send him the following email:

“Dear husband, 

I know that you are left questioning why I would cheat on you and that you are no doubt suffering from some questions, such as ‘did I do anything wrong’ or ‘what could I have done to prevent this?’, but let me assure you that you are approaching this the wrong way.

I had sex with another man in order to help benefit and enrich our marriage. I figured that by sleeping with another man, I would better learn what traditions other wives imparted onto their husbands and I could try that with you. The things he liked and showed me helped increase my understanding and love for you. 

I would also ask that you stop being arrogant, insisting that you ‘know for sure’ that I am limited to only have sex with you. What, exactly, do you base this on? The idea that man and woman are supposed to stay monogamous is a left over ideal from the Enlightenment period – we’ve progressed since then honey, and I’d hope that you have progressed as well. 

Please understand that by betraying you, I showed my love for you. I was simply trying to find the richness of another relationship and apply it to our own.

Your lover, 

Your wife”

This e-mail seems a bit absurd to most people. Who, after being caught in an affair, says that she was doing it for the couple? A better question is, who would ever accept such an excuse? Who would say, “oh yeah, that makes perfect sense?” other than someone who has lost the idea of what marriage is supposed to be? 

My question, then, is why do Christians continually do this to God? Why is it that we say we have to abandon our belief in God, explore other religions, and leave some of the orthodox tenets of the faith in order to enrich our faith and relationship with God? Why do we claim to be in a relationship with Christ (which is related to marriage in the Bible), but then go out and hold relationships with other beliefs and other gods that contradict Christ? 

How is one (the actual marriage) illogical, but the other (betraying God) perfectly acceptable?