Seek ye first…

If Americans wish to see revival occur within America, they are going to have to start focusing on the glory of God.

The problem with American evangelicalism is that though it is conservative, it can often lack godliness. It is possible to be conservative without being godly – if one believes that Christ is the only way the Bible is infallible, and all the “solas,” but none of this promises godliness.

Such an attitude has led to some very dangerous beliefs and practices within modern evangelicalism. Too often Christians are so concerned with “saving” someone that they forgo the Biblical methods to do so. If watering down the message (i.e. leaving out the fact that we’re all sinners in a Gospel presentation) makes the Gospel more palatable, then isn’t it worth it?

The problem in putting the focus on man instead of on seeking God is that we are often tempted to make everything we do all about ourselves. The church service sacrifices quality music and instead chooses to sing the stanza “This is the air I breath” 42 times, thinking that is worship. We have professional singers jump down the isles on their way up to the stage singing an upbeat and catchy tune that, theologically, may be extremely weak. Why do we do all of this? Simple – it makes people happy.

Anytime we give in to the norms of the day in order to bring people into church, we have failed as Christians. When we begin to act postmodern in order to accommodate postmoderns, we have failed. When we begin to entertain because this generation has grown up on entertainment, we have failed.

More importantly, accommodating culture while forgoing God’s glory simply doesn’t work. The young Americans have been raised in a postmodern society, on entertainment, to be self-centered, and the list of negatives goes on. However, this comes from a fallen culture. Humans simply cannot stand these things for long, so they’re always seeking more. A church that is centered on God’s glory will always provide that “more” that people are looking for.

Instead of turning to cheap gimmicks or the latest trends in society, churches need to place their foundation in God. Seek His glory first in all that we do and we will begin to see a significant change in the church and surrounding culture.