Beautiful brown eyes

And a smile that lights up your face

Even with tubes in your arms

You’re the princess of this place


You pretend you have flowing black hair

Even though the chemo has taken it all

As you dance in the court yard

It’s obvious you’re having a ball


Your portable monitor

Is your charming prince for the night

You dance away without care

Oblivious to your plight


A hospital gown supplants your royal robes

And this hospital is your castle

Ignoring the girl dancing in the yard

Walking hurriedly amongst the bustle


But there is a dragon in this tale

That is eating away at who you are

And there is no epic prince

To save you and take you to a land afar


This dragon will consume you one day

And all the people will cry for the princess

It will cause loneliness in their hearts

Because it is you they will miss


But in Heaven you will dance to your heart’s content

And smile at all with a smile so pure

Cancer won the battle, but not the war

For in death you found the ultimate cure




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