Christianity and the Hebrews

The following essay was written for a friend’s brother who has been struggling with antisemitism.

The essay attempts to answer two questions: “Should the Jews be treated any different, or with greater suspicion, than other ethnicities and beliefs” and “Have the Jewish people been rejected by God and replaced by the Church?” The answer to both questions, in short, is a resounding “no.” The essay first establishes that Jews, regardless of ethnicity or beliefs, are made in the image of God and subsequently deserve respect. It establishes secondly that God has not abandoned the Jewish people and because of this neither should we.

The essay will undoubtedly offend people on both sides of the issue. Many Jews will find offense in the fact that I still assert they are in rebellion and that Messianic Jews are the true remnant of Israel. Since the essay deals with antisemitic views, I would like to briefly address my view on Jews and salvation and why it is not antisemitic.

Though I believe the Jews are chosen by God for a special purpose, I also believe they are in rebellion against God. Jesus was (and is) the Messiah of the Jewish people, but they have rejected him (though not entirely, as some Jews have accepted Christ). Without accepting Christ, they are condemned to Hell. They are not, however, unique in this aspect. Any people, regardless of ethnicity, that reject Christ as Savior are condemned to Hell. I am not singling out the Jews, but merely including them in the universal judgment of God.

Their state of salvation, however, should not influence how we treat the Jewish people (as seen in the essay). I believe that antisemitism is antithetical to helping our Jewish brethren come back to God.

The essay is in a pdf format and 51 pages – please click on the link to read it.

Essay “Christianity and the Hebrews”

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